Florida Woman Jailed for Boyfriend’s Abuse

A Florida woman, Scarlett Ruiz, was jailed when she “failed to report” the fact that her boyfriend punched her daughter in the stomach. But are we getting the whole story here? There are multiple reasons she may have failed to report: 1. The boyfriend threatened her that if she reported he’d harm her. 2. The boyfriend […]

The Controversial Discussion We’re Not Having

There’s something wrong with men. Black men included. It is been said that black women are the most marginalized people in the US. This may be true. They are expected to support “their” men no matter what the cause, as oppressed minorities, but must also deal with oppression from those oppressed men. It is particularly […]

Is It Worse To Be Called “Boy” Or “Girl”? Racism and Sexism Intertwine…

Is it better to be black than a woman? That’s what many male liberals seem to think. Until white women go around raping black men, I’m going to take the “it’s worse to black than a woman” with a grain of salt.  The whole shaker, rather.   At least when you’re black, you don’t have […]

Some Thoughts On Patriarchy And Its Sicknesses

-Women are called “sensitive” by men because men don’t want to admit their horrific behavior towards women causes women to be unhappy. * -Many men want to liberate women for the same reason monkeys want to liberate bananas from trees. * – Racism suddenly becomes unfashionable when men find out they can bond with men […]