After the Revolution

After the sex revolution: Women will not be as afraid to have any kind of sex, since men will no longer be wielding it abusively and since “sex” will not be defined solely as PIV, which can impregnate us. Also, abortion (safe herbal, etc) will be available so pregnancy will not be a huge issue […]

Some Great Feminist Links!

Some are mine. ***** The Complete Works of Andrea Dworkin

Radical Feminism 101 (Simplified)!

RADFEM 101 (I simplified this from – feel free to copy and share) *** Below are the themes that sum up men’s oppression of women, and how men create and maintain power over us.                                         […]

Why Many Men Are Obsessed With the Penis

Many men are obsessed with the penis because they are jealous of women’s ability to give birth and want to have something women don’t have. This explains the emphasis on erections/viagra, urination position, urinals and non-private locker rooms, size, marginalization of the clitoris and portrayal of the vagina as “weak” and envelopment as non-violent or […]