Borderline Diagnosis is Patriarchy in Disguise

I read the most astounding article on Borderline Personality Disorder and patriarchy yesterday. Forward this article to as many people as possible, as it may save a life. That is all I will say. Here is the message I gave the author when I downloaded it: Dear James, what sparked my interest was… The […]

After the Revolution

After the sex revolution: Women will not be as afraid to have any kind of sex, since men will no longer be wielding it abusively and since “sex” will not be defined solely as PIV, which can impregnate us. Also, abortion (safe herbal, etc) will be available so pregnancy will not be a huge issue […]

Abortion is a WOMEN’S Issue that MEN have NO Right to Interfere With

A great post from a Facebook user. If we can get this out to rape victims and poor third world women, that will help a ton! Remember- ALWAYS check with a safe (and woman-friendly) health provider/herbalist/healer/doctor before trying ANY method listed. *** The post: *** “Abortion is a WOMEN’S issue that MEN have NO right […]