The “Born This Way” Theory is Patent Bullshit

“Born This Way” is bunk, whether it’s used to describe homosexuality or anything else…The idea that someone’s genitalia is a universally or innately important aspect of partner choice or sexual attraction comes from sexism and patriarchy.

Some Thoughts On Patriarchy And Its Sicknesses

-Women are called “sensitive” by men because men don’t want to admit their horrific behavior towards women causes women to be unhappy. * -Many men want to liberate women for the same reason monkeys want to liberate bananas from trees. * – Racism suddenly becomes unfashionable when men find out they can bond with men […]

Why Many Men Are Obsessed With the Penis

Many men are obsessed with the penis because they are jealous of women’s ability to give birth and want to have something women don’t have. This explains the emphasis on erections/viagra, urination position, urinals and non-private locker rooms, size, marginalization of the clitoris and portrayal of the vagina as “weak” and envelopment as non-violent or […]