We are radical feminists- not the fun kind.


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Radical feminism addresses the root of the problem: patriarchy and male supremacy. It recognizes that men as a class (even if not some individual men) are oppressing women and reaping benefits and privileges from the system they set up (patriarchy). Many of these “benefits” (the “right” to pay for sex with a degraded and dehumanized person, the “right” to rape, the “right” to conquer others, the “right” to not experience attachment and love for other creatures) would not even be viewed as benefits or privileges by healthy individuals, either male or female. Liberal feminism seeks to make women equal to these types of men. But we do not want to be equal to- or even similar to- these persons. As Andrea Dworkin said, “A commitment to sexual equality with men is a commitment to be the rich instead of the poor, the rapist instead of the raped, and the murderer instead of the murdered.”

Radical feminism analyzes the behavior of women as individuals and as a class with regard to how that behavior functions in an overall context of patriarchy and female subordination. While we support the right of women to shave their legs, engage in traditionally-defined sexual intercourse (PIV) with men, wear makeup, be heterosexual, and even be dainty and weak, we ask women to realize that they may not be making these choices in a vacuum and that it is very hard to escape socialization. Even if one is a freethinker and rejects social norms, one still must obey them for fear of backlash (getting harassed for not covering up body, getting rape threats for wearing a feminist T-shirt, getting fired for ridiculing a boss’s sexist comment). Sometimes it is hard for women to notice they are being brainwashed because they were not presented with a full range of options for how to behave and think and don’t realize such options exist (like women who were made to think putting a penis in a vagina is the only way to have “legitimate” or “all the way” sex; practices many women prefer are relegated to “foreplay” or “secondary”, or open minded hippie women who are tricked into being sexual with men by being told it’s “liberating” and that they’re prude if they don’t).


Radical feminism is different than liberal feminism:


*Liberal feminism focuses on individual choice rather than protecting and benefiting women as a class. Often, these “choices” are promoted by the male-trix as “desirable” and fall in line with the general prerogatives as patriarchy and male dominance, like corporate capitalism, environmental devastation, individualism, and imperialism. In liberal feminism, it is seen as a success if a woman gets to be a C.E.O. “just like the boys!”


*Along that line, liberal feminism focuses on privileges rather than rights. For example, their brand of “feminism” seems to focus on women getting to have just as much fun as men (just as much sex, just as much money, a choice of the right color lipstick, the right to wear fun colors to work), rather than on getting men to stop committing violence and rape against women.


*Liberal feminism tends to care about the opinions of men. “Get men on board!” is almost a catchphrase of theirs and the idea that a women’s liberation movement needs men to be legitimate is as hilarious as a black rights group needing white members to be legitimate. As long as either movement is not attacking the innocent then it doesn’t need the blessings of anyone- especially not from members of the group oppressing them- to be worthwhile. Radical feminism does not give a hoot what a single man in the entire world thinks of its movement. If every one of the three billion-plus male individuals on the planet despised our movement, we would still preach it and fight for it.


*Although it is possible for sexuality and erotic imagery to be egalitarian and unoppressive, at least to specific lucky individual women in a patriarchy, the fundamentals of pornography and prostitution, as a whole, create and maintain a climate in which prostitutes and porn stars as a whole are objectified, misused, coerced, tricked psychologically into joining the businesses, and generally blur the lines between consent and force/trickery. Young women are literally kidnapped around the world and carried off to perform in porn videos or even have real live sex (rape) with johns. If you buy this material or a session with these prostituted persons, you are contributing to it and helping them remain in slavery by paying their owners.


*While we are strongly supportive of trans people, we are critical of the trans lobby, which seeks to blur the distinction between people born with vaginas and people born without, and the differences in socialization, life experience, health needs, and psychology (caused by women-born-women spending formative childhood years treated as “inferior”) between the two. We also are critical of the rather silly idea that one needs to have a feminine body or crotch shape in order to like feminine things. For that matter, we disagree that there are such things as “feminine” or “masculine” thoughts and behaviors and psychologies. While both physical sex and social gender can be fluid, most people are born with physical bodies that are obviously closer to either the male or female end of the spectrum, and are therefore raised and treated as member of either the ruling class or the subordinate class.

We also believe that while many trans women are safe and are perhaps truly “feminine” in spirit (whatever that means) that there also exist men who pose as trans women in order to gain access to women’s spaces and consume them physically and psychologically. That is, some rape women or grope them, while others dominate women emotionally and sap off their personal energy and patience just to indulge in a fetish. While this in no way includes all trans women, it includes a large enough amount that women feel threatened by the presence of trans women in certain women’s spaces. (Though there certainly should be conjoined safe spaces for both trans women and women-born-women to escape male violence, in addition to women-born-women-only spaces).

Furthermore, the trans lobby (though not all trans women) seems to support the wishes of trans women only because they were born as men, and, copying the patriarchal idea that “men can go/do wherever/whatever they want,” have insisted women accept trans women into every women-only space you could imagine. It is much too easy for a physically and psychologically male person to pose as a trans woman and wreak havoc on women; the idea women need to open every door to people who were raised as men- many of whom still have penises- is all too reminiscent of the patriarchal idea that we, as women, need to be open to men and penises by default. This, regardless of the effect on women, seems to be the subconscious motive of those who are behind the wider agenda.


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