After the Revolution

After the sex revolution:

Women will not be as afraid to have any kind of sex, since men will no longer be wielding it abusively and since “sex” will not be defined solely as PIV, which can impregnate us.

Also, abortion (safe herbal, etc) will be available so pregnancy will not be a huge issue (so will natural, less-painful birth practices and community support and childcare for those who decide to keep a baby).

Men will not be raised to feel cut off from their feelings and from the act of creating life, so the act of “knocking a chick up” and running would not have psychological resonance and would be just as undesirable to a male as to a female. Since a male is parted with his seed after coitus, his natural and un-erased empathy for his potential child will mean that he, too, is burdened by hit-and-run PIV in that he is potentially separated from his child.

(One reason I suspect men are trained not to care about their children, or about their feelings in general, is to make women the sole bearers of burden after PIV; if men experience no natural emotional burden from being alienated from their seed then this leaves women the only ones who can suffer a potential burden (childbirth, if in a health-less, Gynophobic patriarchy). Like abortion, apathy (emotional abortion) is men’s method of terminating the burdens of casual sex.

Men will not be circumcised so PIV with them will not be painful. (Foreskin on dicks will leave the male sensitive and open to PIV related injuries so they will not be able to leverage the idea and symbolism of PIV as an inherently woman-harming act anymore.)

They will also not ram their dicks into us because sex of any type will not be seen as a punishment or conquering act (BDSM, if it can survive the revolution, will find equal amount of doms and subs between sexes).

The psychological concept of invasion-as-dominant will be eradicated and replaced with the possibility of both invasion and engulfment, so the tensing of the body and the mental feeling of being attacked that plagues even women having consensual PIV in which the man has no ill intentions, will evaporate.

Women in specific will not have reason to fear sex more than men because it won’t be seen or performed as something that only men like; ironically, men of this golden society will not use this or any other excuse to make women want to have sex, because of the very mentalities of both coercion and sex-as-male-benefit would disappear. Of course, women, like men, will still have the right to refuse, but there will be no reason to coax women in specific to “like sex” since it won’t be uniquely distasteful and dangerous to them and since women will not be seen as boundaries to be broken.

Another thing that will happen is that having sex of any type will not be seen as a shameful thing, nor will people lie to each other and cheat as often, so people will be more likely to get tested and be honest about their history.

Also, in a post patriarchy, we are a lot more likely to be able to focus on the important things like medicine and poverty, so people will be able to cure themselves more easily, and diseases won’t spread as much.

After the revolution it will be better for all of us.


3 thoughts on “After the Revolution

  1. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing.

    I like the idea of thinking about where our fight for the end of patriarchy will lead us (humans), but your comment seems strictly centered at the roles, relationships and lives of straight people.

    What about homosexuality and, in particular, the fate of lesbians after the revolution?
    What about alpha-males, will they disappear after the end of patriarchy?
    How much of the different behavior of the two sexes is defined by society or biology?


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