Teeny Weenies



7 thoughts on “Teeny Weenies

  1. The whole social paradigm of the penis is pretty arbitrary, which I wrote about here, https://reliable0ecstasy.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/mutilating-men/
    It seems that men have always been interested in the penis and have made this important. Inmost cultures this is affectionate and not to do with erections or penetrating. The above comment seems to ignore that you make this point about the current culture, the Greeks were misogynist sure, and I make the point that it is erroneous to assume that misogyny has it’s source in something sexual. In fact misogyny has it’s source elsewhere, deep back in human history and both we and the ancient Greeks sexualize this misogyny. What the above commenter ignores also is the vast amount of language, erotica, and porn which obviously eroticizes “P**sy destruction”. In this sense the destructive potential in penetration does involve some sense of the penis as big. As ever I think it is a leap to make that the be all end all. It certainly is part of the reason why this culture is obsessed with penis size though.


  2. Oh and do notice that the ancient Greeks valued male-male desire and small penises, yet in heteropatriarchy large penises are valued. I think that pretty much shows that this hypothesis does work.


  3. I don’t know that that is true. Having a small penis (tiny in fact) has resulted in no thoughts to the effect that I cannot punish women with my meat sword, but rather that they’ll laugh at what some have described as a little pickle.

    Further to that the loss of both my balls to cancer has not left me pining for any lost power over women.

    I believe that balls and a large penis only have power over a woman if she lets them.

    – that ball-less guy


      • I’ll grant you that men are more dangerous than women. We’re also protectors and providers and have been since pre-history. We’re schizophrenic like that. I would argue that a vanishingly small percentage of men are violent towards women.


      • Who’s “we”? No, men are not women’s natural protectors. That is sociology and culture that made them that.

        And if men are our protectors, who are they protecting us from?


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