Abortion is a WOMEN’S Issue that MEN have NO Right to Interfere With

A great post from a Facebook user. If we can get this out to rape victims and poor third world women, that will help a ton!

Remember- ALWAYS check with a safe (and woman-friendly) health provider/herbalist/healer/doctor before trying ANY method listed.


The post:


“Abortion is a WOMEN’S issue that MEN have NO right to interfere with. It was men who created the arbitrary time line of when “it’s a baby” It’s a baby only when the WOMAN says it’s a baby!

MEN destroyed most of women’s herbal wisdom during the Burning Times. Women are beginning to help other women end their pregnancies without men being involved.


Please Post and Share this with at least 3 women and it will go viral!

It’s time to TAKE back our reproductive rights!

In this time of backlash against women’s reproductive rights, it’s necessary to reclaim our ability to control our own bodies without having to ask permission in governmental and religious arenas controlled by men!

Menstrual extraction (ME) is a process by which menstrual blood is removed from the uterus using an airtight, hand-operated suction device for low-risk early abortions (up to 7 weeks) without anesthetics and a greatly decreased risk of infection.

It removes the fertilized egg soon after the first missed period.

ME is often an outpatient procedure, sometimes performed at home by a trained medical professional. Most patients said it’s far more comfortable and less painful than standard abortion procedure.

The most common device used is called a Del-Em. The cannula is inserted into the uterus through the undilated cervix. A syringe, with a one-way bypass valve prevents air from entering the uterus, which can be fatal. It creates the suction necessary to evacuate the interior of the uterus. The material collects in an airtight glass jar.
In a very few cases, a second extraction process must be performed if the abortion was not completed the first time.

The procedure should be performed by a trained medical professional. However, with proper training, women who aren’t medical professionals can also be taught to safely perform ME in self-help groups.

ME should never be attempted alone. Materials used to construct a Del-Em device are easily obtainable through a laboratory or chemistry scientific catalogue or are common items (a jar, aquarium tubing, etc)

www.sisterzeus.com Sister Zeus’ site is a HUGE resource for women’s reproductive rights and health issues. To find a self-help group of women trained to safely do ME, Sister Zeus suggests checking with midwives, feminist health centers, fertility counselors and local feminists. Finding a self-help group is difficult since ME is barely legal since ME can be used when not pregnant. Groups may be found by word of mouth
Sister Zeus will help you find women in your area to start a self-help group and learn safe ME. http://www.sisterzeus.com/StateList.html
Email: sister_zeus@geocities.com All information kept confidential.

•A woman’s Book of Choices, Abortion, Menstrual Extraction RU- 486 by Rebecca Chalker and Carol Downer. “There is power in these pages, more power than any law can give us,” said Barbara Ehrenreich. It includes a list of books about abortion herbs (Misuse of herbs can be dangerous so always consult a sympathetic midwife-herbalist), how to safely perform ME, (safe up to 7 weeks into pregnancy) and how to make a Del-Em device from cheap common items. IMPORTANT NOTE! There are three mistakes (on pages 116, 142 and 241) that say “TWO way bypass valve” As can be seen on the diagram on p 143, it’s a ONE way bypass valve)!

•A New View of a Woman’s Body by the Federation of Feminist Women’s health Centers. It’s difficult to find but full of high- quality information to help you understand your body. Contains information Sister Zeus found nowhere else.

•A Difficult Decision-A compassionate Book About Abortion by Joy Gardener

•PlannedParenthood Ph:1-800-230-PLAN


Ninety million babies are born each year. The UN Population Foundation found that 80 million births are either ill timed or unintended.

MANdated pregnancy caused overpopulation, environmental destruction, war and famine.”


3 thoughts on “Abortion is a WOMEN’S Issue that MEN have NO Right to Interfere With

  1. Wow, men are destructive and looney tunes for continuing to create overpopulation then claiming women don’t a have a right to own reproductive system. I’m so glad to see wimin taking back their reproduction RIGHTS! It is a right and we proudly hold onto it and we as, we more wimin gain their rights, will NEVER let it go. I’m so proud, we are coming up ladies, all over the world against our stupid male counterparts.
    I’m so glad that you listed the fact about the ninety million (Jesus..) babies born each year. Knowing that 80 million of those births shouldn’t even exist is amazing (and by amazing, I mean infuriating).
    An MRA whiner I saw online once was trying to make a counterpoint to a radical feminist who claimed that in the future, it will be female and that the population should contain 10% males (true stuff). He then tried to act superior by stating “Well the patriarchy just created ninety million more babies. Oops.” I’m like, why does that come off as a victory for you you dumbass male, you?! Geez, with a mentality like that no wonder we face overpopulation and rape. He doesn’t even realize how bad it is that a rapid amount of babies are being born each year. Fucking fool.
    Thank you for this post! I’ll do my best to spread it!

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