Some Thoughts On Patriarchy And Its Sicknesses

-Women are called “sensitive” by men because men don’t want to admit their horrific behavior towards women causes women to be unhappy.

-Many men want to liberate women for the same reason monkeys want to liberate bananas from trees.

– Racism suddenly becomes unfashionable when men find out they can bond with men of other races to the detriment of women.

-The “right” to have sex means an underclass of people is obligated to provide it.

-If prostitution is liberating, why aren’t half of prostitutes men? You get money for having sex. Men are supposed to like sex and they’re supposed to like money. Come on, guys! Deal breaker!

-Men trade their humanity for acceptance into the boys’ club. If turned away, they demand-still soulless and soiled with the mud they chose to roll in- that women let them back into the Eden they cast themselves out of. When women shut the door, they are called the Devil and Eden Hell.

-Marriage and pregnancy are the ball and chain patriarchy uses to keep women imprisoned. Men are drafted to act as the jailers. Men who refuse are traitors.

-The unwillingness to subjugate women gets a man kicked out of the boys’ club. This includes unwillingness to lie to women about men and men’s abilities, especially their genitals and their genitals’ abilities.

-The Rock and Roll movement, especially the late 60s and early 70s genres, promoted bestial sexuality, dark and esoteric occultism, and lack of structure, responsibility, and safety in favor of Dionysian “values,” which overwhelmingly benefit rapists and not women.

-Why are a surprising amount of gay men misogynistic? It’s obvious. Gay men are still men. It’s patriarchy, not hetero-archy.

-Many men don’t really like PIV- or any type of sex, for that matter. They like the feeling of phallically conquering something, perhaps including, as secondary benefit, exotic physical sensations to flavor the process.

-Emmett Till was the black victim of a ghastly beating and unjust murder which were undertaken against him because he whistled in a sexual manner at a white woman…but has anyone stopped to think why it took the murder of a sexual harasser to stir white men’s anger?

-At least men used to be cultured. Then women gained access to literature, philosophy, and the arts, and men suddenly didn’t want to play with those anymore.

-The male dominated libertarian revolutions care about freedom all right: the freedom to do whatever they want…which coincidentally happens to be problematic and oppressive toward women, black people, gays, Native Americans, etc.

-Do men ever get pressured to go to the doctor’s for erection check ups, or ejaculation control, or napkins for semen “protection”? Why aren’t men hounded to visit an andrologist from age 16 on? Is it, perchance, that the penis is considered perfect?

-The lesbian and gay movements have a vastly different underlying motive. Lesbians are fighting to end social oppression and intolerance; the gay movement is fighting a cock block.

-The great catch-22: Are masculized men homoerotic because they love men or because they hate women?

-In the French Revolution the theme was “Liberty, equality, and fraternity,” and the word fraternity is very heavily one of male bonding. Liberty for men from feminine like responsibilities and ties, equality (to predicate bonding) among all males, and fraternity meaning loyalty to men of all creeds and classes and to the cause of above said virtues, which included smashing anything “feminine” that (oppressive or not) at least promoted responsibility and sociality.

-Male dominated societies always call menstrual blood “dirty”. But notice their attitude towards other bodily fluids- diarrhea, vomit, semen, spit, bile, earwax, pimple pus- they never consider those substances uniquely disgusting. Only the things men cannot produce are considered inhumanly dirty.

-Marriage is a trap.

Babies and giving birth is a trap.

Monogamy is a trap.

Heterosexuality is a trap.

Religion is a trap.

“Love” is a trap.

Patriarchy is a trap.

Obedience is a trap.

Tradition is a trap.

Capitalism is a trap.

Society and culture are a trap.

Women in all cultures are trapped by patriarchy.

-The act of classifying sexuality as hetero or homo is based on a frame that appeals to masculine ideals (as defined by patriarchy): you love or are attracted to people based on their genitals. It’s a very genital-oriented view of attraction. “Do you like cock or cunt?”

-Men, in general at least, have underlying homoerotic and phallophilic desires. Yet because of heterosexual edicts a man can’t come out and ask other men for sex. Men, as a class, must therefore wordlessly agree to establish a situation in which homosexual behavior or at least titillation is unavoidable: the locker room.

Although most men have underlying homoerotic tendencies, no man may ask outright for homosexual contact. A request stems from desire; desire signifies need; need signifies weakness, since, in men’s minds, need means ability to be manipulated via that need, and said manipulation could mean the needy individual being forced, if he is desperate enough, to accept being penetrated- being made a woman.

Therefore, communal male nudity must be ritualized, normalized, ordained from above, expected, forced by circumstance or tradition, and thrust upon men, who would otherwise have to request it and risk being branded as “needy” and hence wiling to take a subordinate role.

Communal nudity also establishes generic male bonding and allows men to simultaneously perceive the differences among men (underscoring their supposed individuality) and, on a peculiar flip side of this coin, giving them false ideas about “a normal man’s body” (false due to the fact that many men, particularly those with “inadequate” genitals or abilities, do not use locker rooms). Men use this supposedly accurate knowledge about “normal men’s bodies” (and the access to knowledge about all male genitals, behaviors, and personalities the locker room supposedly gives them) to tell women what men are. This is usually lacking in any mention of male inabilities or physical/psychological/behavioral similarities to women. Women must not know about men who eschew masculinity or who are physically not oppressor material.


One thought on “Some Thoughts On Patriarchy And Its Sicknesses

  1. Wow we so agree! Sorry I got excited when I read that culture and society are a trap. Absolutely! And too you dared to say love is a trap. Most love that exists exists because people need a balm for the rest of the misery which is life. If people were more whole possibly we could experience unconditional love that was more appreciation than attachment. Appreciation means knowing someone for what they are and loving or hating (in its true form a form of love because it is full understanding) them. Attachment is more based on you needing the other person to feel happy because you are incomplete. This incompleteness is enforced by the culture which has for so long been what I have deduced to be male liberation. Men having been fighting against tyrannical governments for centuries and have never succeeded. Originally these powers formed because a few realized that they could live in luxury if they made the masses provide them and believe their own going without is necessary. This formula has reigned over much of human kind for so long few question it. In fact it is very possible abundance for all is possible. Why not? Because their physics? Their cosmology? Who are they to “teach” this to people who are made to receive their education?
    I believe that the patriarchy is in many ways “natural” in the sense that it is inevitable, but not in the sense that it is “designed” to be so. From reading C.A Tripp and from the theories of this Indian guy: I have begun to theorize that men really need to bond with other men, not always sexually–but “sex” is not what we have been made to believe at all–but always intimate. Yet women have always been debased. Always. Those who say, not my culture, are just plain wrong. Still I refuse to believe in biological essentialism but I think 100 percent social constructionism is also not right. Admittedly I follow Freud, a feminist taboo, but this allows me to understand some things as what I call psychological inevitability which is outside of the duality between constructionism (100 percent that is) and biological essentialism. And also don’t let the word inevitable fool you, it’s not unstoppable but merely is bound to happen if left alone.
    What do you think of the ying yang and other such things? I have written about this, what I refer to as the riddle of sphinx. I think human beings have been so disturbed by the physical sex differences, as Freud talked about, that they incessantly need to make definitions of sex differences in such a way that they are not different but are in fact relative to one another.
    Also many feminists talk about the tyranny of science, this guy who is against the heterosexualisation of India also talks about science
    To be sure heterosexuality is a trap not just for women. The evidence for the male bond is so compelling, and when this bond is perverted from intimate and loving into either destroyed or suppressed, guess who suffers? As dworkin, the greatest radical of all time in my opinion, pointed out as well as others did, now men bond over debasing women. There’s a lot more to this. The meaningless of life, the need to give life a materialist purpose, the violence, the anti-sex anti-body philosophies, I believe the breaking of the male intimate bond in heterosexualisation–wherever it has occurred–plays a key role in this.


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