Is It Worse To Be Called “Boy” Or “Girl”? Racism and Sexism Intertwine…

Is it better to be black than a woman? That’s what many male liberals seem to think.

Until white women go around raping black men, I’m going to take the “it’s worse to black than a woman” with a grain of salt.  The whole shaker, rather.   At least when you’re black, you don’t have to love someone from the group that oppresses you, the way women (most of whom are heterosexual) do.  You don’t have to be afraid of being raped, and you can at least be with your people at the end of the day.  You can bond with someone who goes through the same oppression as you do, unlike women, whose fathers, brothers, husbands, and even sons join in the attack against you.

I have written about the (seemingly) surprising tendency of liberals to be misogynists, often to an even larger extent than conservatives.  The OJ Simpson case is a sort of talking point about this matter.  Liberal men seem to hate women even more than conservative men do.  For all their talk about banding together to fight oppression along racial, religious, class, and sexuality lines, the fact that women are being abused is conspicuously absent. They seem to think “liberation” means liberation for them at the expense of women and their rights and safety. They also tend to bond with nonwhite men when they realize nonwhite men can be misogynists also.

During the OJ Simpson trial, one could turn on the TV and hear a lot about race, since Nicole Brown Simpson, OJ’s murdered wife, was white and OJ was black.  But how often did we hear about sex and gender?  Was not OJ a man and Nicole a woman?  Doesn’t gender and hatred of women fit (one might say “like a glove!”) into the topic of wife-beating?  If OJ was supposed to have beat his wife, does that not make it more likely he murdered her, too?  And if he had hateful views against females, doesn’t that mean it was more likely he beat her?  It doesn’t convict him, but is does shed needed light.

Andrea Dworkin spoke about the blatant evidence for OJ Simpson’s guilt.

Spectators of the trial who supported Simpson created a whole “all civilized people support Simpson because it would be racist not to” smokescreen to disguise the real reason they were supporting him: because he was being accused of harming their mortal enemy, a woman.  Racism suddenly becomes unfashionable when men find out they can bond with men of other races to the detriment of women.  This is not an accident, as in, “these men can’t help it, they aren’t educated about women’s rights!”  It is deliberate hatred of women for the sake of being women.

I have noticed the same thing in regard to the Emmett Till case in the 1950s.  Emmett Till was the black victim of a ghastly murder which was undertaken against him because he whistled in a sexual manner at a white woman.  He was not supposed to whistle at her because he was black, and people rightly protested the fact that blacks were treated worse than whites for committing the same wrong.  However, has anyone stopped to think why it took the murder of a sexual harasser to stir white men’s anger?  If Till hadn’t performed the ultimate bonding mechanism- sexual taunting of a woman- that binds “normal” men together, would so many men have come to his help?

What if it was a woman who was harmed in a gender-specific manner, such as being raped by a white man or denied the right to an abortion (as opposed to Rosa Parks, whose situation wasn’t particularly gender related)?  Would people be so quick to help her?  It seems the white men only cared about Emmett Till because, though not deserving of death, he did perform a misogynist act.  Race was just a very handy (because very subtle) smokescreen for covering up the fact that they were bonding with him over misogyny.

All the malestream media can report with regard to these two events is how racist both events were (obviously, race was much more involved in the Till case than in the OJ Simpson case).  But what they refuse to report is that in both these situations, a woman was harmed, hurt, or abused in some way.  The malestream media, including history textbooks, do not side with Till and other black males because they are black and oppressed, but because they are not women.  Remember that.

Do I know OJ did it?  No.  I don’t know.  I have not looked over the evidence.  However, I do know that there were elements other than race that influenced people’s choice to support this “star”, whether or not people want to be honest enough to consider those.


2 thoughts on “Is It Worse To Be Called “Boy” Or “Girl”? Racism and Sexism Intertwine…

    • I do not think all men are rapists but I think a much larger percentage than most people think are. It would surprise you. And just because they haven’t raped doesn’t mean they wouldnt rape.

      For me, you’re a rapist even if you merely want to rape, not only if you plan or commit it. I hear so much talk about men being “good” and “controlling their urges” but are they really good if they have those urges in the first place? I don’t have to control any urges to rape someone because I don’t have any!

      And if they just mean the urge to have sex is really really strong, then all I can take that as is that “regular” sex and rape are not all that different and are on some kind of sick continuum, that rape is just sex without permission, that the “flavor” of the copulation is the same in either case (the degradation of females and selfish “pleasure”- built on harming/vampirizing off females- for males).

      So while I don’t think all males are rapists, and I don’t think being male makes wanting to rape someone inevitable (I think they use “all men are rapists” as an excuse for their behavior and to prevent heterosexual women from having higher standards and looking for better men), I DO think so many men are rapists that we might as well assume the worst when interacting with any particular one, and I also think that there is not that much difference between “regular” heterosexual “PIV” sex and rape, not as much as the mainstream media wants us to think.

      I will do an article on this later.

      I also think gender has been purposely glossed over with regard to cases about black male rapists, and black and other men of color are patriarchy’s secret weapon, since any white woman who criticizes them can be called “racist” and any black women who do will be called “traitors” (for not supporting their black Hotep brothahs).


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