Why Many Men Are Obsessed With the Penis

Many men are obsessed with the penis because they are jealous of women’s ability to give birth and want to have something women don’t have. This explains the emphasis on erections/viagra, urination position, urinals and non-private locker rooms, size, marginalization of the clitoris and portrayal of the vagina as “weak” and envelopment as non-violent or passive, penetration/masturbation/ejaculation/ejaculatory weapons/guns, and even sex and sexuality in general. Men must constantly see or obsess over penises (and what they- often wrongly- think are) penis-derivative activities and abilities in order to be positively differentiated from women.


5 thoughts on “Why Many Men Are Obsessed With the Penis

  1. Good observations, and try explaining to a man sometime that his choice of the word “penetration” to describe sex with women is exactly that, a choice, a subjective word-interpretation of a sex act that men have chosen and normalized. He’ll likely look at you cross eyed or just not understand why this would even be important to you or think you are deluded and wrong. Actually, if you don’t feel like explaining this to a man, don’t bother trying. Not my intent to argue that women should have to explain anything to men if we don’t want to.

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      • Well, I don’t know, can one say that he discovered it when he misinterpreted his findings?
        Though maybe you are right and he knew of womb envy and invented penis envy out of pure spite. 😉

        Let’s say, the world would be different if he had published writing about womb envy using that word. (Though likely it would just be different in that Freud wouldn’t be as famous …)

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