Borderline Diagnosis is Patriarchy in Disguise

I read the most astounding article on Borderline Personality Disorder and patriarchy yesterday. Forward this article to as many people as possible, as it may save a life. That is all I will say.

Here is the message I gave the author when I downloaded it:

Dear James, what sparked my interest was…

The fact that your paper is damned astounding, and absolutely hit the spot with regard to how I feel about “BPD” (and a bunch of other nonsensical “diseases” and “disorders” as well*).

As a woman, I am constantly called “angry” when I’m not angry, as an attempt to shut me up, and I have to deal with crazy, contradictory, illogical nonsense from men, and when I am unable to follow along or understand what they say (because it’s illogical/contradictory!) and ask for clarification, my asking means I’m “interested”, which means I’m “obsessed”, which means I’m “emotional”, which means I’m crazy and can’t be listened to. Slippery slope, if you will.

I have been death battling with the downright evil psychiatric profession from day one. Ironically, it was my mother who seemed convinced I had psych problems, not my father, although my father espoused some misogynistic beliefs while I was growing up, which were undoubtedly part of my problems.

Also ironically, I often associate psychiatric/psychology-wrought terrorism with middle aged WOMEN, rather than men, because older women (perhaps “brainwashed” by patriarchy, but that’s no excuse) have irrational and outright stupid/arbitrary/random/non-self-evident beliefs or viewpoints, and want to diagnose others who don’t inherently see their point of view. I experienced so much blatant abuse from these adroit liars and adult clique-mongers that I may very well write an article about it myself.

I was told that my inability to follow along with what they were doing, and my inevitable noticing of evidence that contradicted what they believed (which wasn’t due to me being “smart” but due to it being IN MY FACE), meant I had a problem. Also, they failed to acknowledge that authority figures can decide anyone they want is guilty/wrong/etc, and that this didn’t mean I had certain tendencies or behaviors; it just meant I was the one they happened to choose to lord over.

Therefore, it’s been exceedingly hard for me to get along with anyone, because men oppress me and are illogical in their own way, and I despise many women because they are irrational in their own way and impossible to get along with. No doubt if I went to counselors when I was younger (my father is paranoid about them, and I can kinda see why) I would have been diagnosed with BPD.

I’m going to be sharing your article with as many people as possible. It could literally save a life.

PS: Congrats on being a white male that is a decent person!

*”Aspergers” comes to mind (ie, a “syndrome” in which being logical and objective/lacking biases, and having shy/timid responses to being bullied for such objectivity, means one is mentally “different”, rather than the differences in behavior being caused by their CIRCUMSTANCES).

Please also consider studying “Aspergers” because if and when objectivity/lack of bias (or inability to intuit someone’s arbitrary, non-intuitive bias) becomes a “syndrome”, this will be a death’s knell for liberty, freedom, and truth.


Emotions Are Important Too

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Florida Woman Jailed for Boyfriend’s Abuse

A Florida woman, Scarlett Ruiz, was jailed when she “failed to report” the fact that her boyfriend punched her daughter in the stomach. But are we getting the whole story here?

There are multiple reasons she may have failed to report:

1. The boyfriend threatened her that if she reported he’d harm her.
2. The boyfriend threatened her that if she reported he’d harm her kids.
3. She thought the police wouldn’t believe her.
4. She thought the police wouldn’t be able to help her or that he wouldn’t be able to convicted.
5. She was traumatized and couldn’t do anything.
6. She was planning to tell but wanted to do it in the right manner at the right time.

She was criticized for not telling the hospital what happened when she took her daughter in (which, by the way, contradicts the claim that she “did nothing” after the girl was hurt; why would she take her to the hospital at all if she didn’t care or was abusive, and risk having someone find out?)

But suppose she feared the hospital would do just what the police did when it finally came to light…and punish her, thereby separating her from her children? (And what about the officers? Did they also “fail to protect” by not magically knowing a child was being abused out there? Or is this level of illogic only allowed in the service of woman-blaming?)

Common sense can easily show us all the other reasons- other than being “a bad mother”- that she didn’t report the beating, but, shockingly, police and law courts don’t usually have common sense, especially when nonwhite women are involved.

Woman Blamed for Boyfriend’s Assault on Kids

Keep this post in mind, too:



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Trump Wants Abuse Program Fund Cut- Valentine’s March Planned

Published this on my sister site.
Trump wants to cut domestic violence program funding.
Valentine’s march planned (weekend before).


Donald Trump’s latest stunt is planning on cutting funding for domestic violence victims.

Low blow, Mr. President.

This article lists a few programs that will lose out if he gets his way.

Domestic violence programs are already very underfunded, and often shelters do not have enough beds to house survivors who flee.

Some feminists and internet users are planning a widespread protest calling on Donald Trump to buck up and support women for a change, and to spread awareness about woman abuse, how to spot it, and where to get help.

The weekend before Valentine’s Day is a great date because women who attend and get educated about warning signs, hotlines, and shelter facilities can bring what they know to a Valentine’s Day date they go on.

Help us spread the word about the march, especially if you can’t attend!
Also, please check out these eye opening quotes on abuse.

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Banned From Facebook

I was banned from Facebook because I used the word “TRANNY.”

I did not use it to hate or mock trans individuals who are innocent or don’t act nastily. It was clear who I was referring to. I needed to vent.

As you can read on my other site ( ) under “My Story”, I was abused by a transgender “male to female”.

How can women speak about our experiences and talk about patterns we are finding with regard to narcissistic abuse and M to F transgenderism, with this silencing from Facebook?